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Smart energy solutions since 1975 Trusted Solar Thermal Systems for Residential Living
Located in florida & proudly serving the United States, Caribbean & More
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Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Systems Manufacturer

Alternate Energy Technologies (AET) is a proud U.S. manufacturer of high-quality solar hot water systems and pool heating systems such as solar flat plate collectors and solar pool panels.

Since 1975, AET residential solar hot water and pool heating systems manufacturer that has provided solar water heating solutions for various industries - from commercial solar water heating to pre-engineered residential systems. Additional offerings include comprehensive training, technical support, commercial system feasibility, and solar water heating integration designs.

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Solar Flat Plate Collectors

Solar can provide for 70-90% of your home water heating needs

Enjoy immediate energy cost savings of up to 38%

Reduce your carbon footprint with our eco-friendly collectors

48+ Years in Business
300,000+ Panels Manufactured
315,000,000+ Mbtu’s Saved
100,000+ Systems Installed
Sustainability & Benefits

Join the World-Wide Renewable Energy Movement

Our systems provide hot water for domestic use, space heating and pre-heats to boilers. All our systems come with back up heating capabilities. Solar Water Heating Systems are very effective in residential applications.

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Solar thermal products are renewable AND recyclable. On average, domestic water heating accounts for over 30% of CO2 emissions from the typical American home. By installing a solar thermal heating system, the average family can not only save money, but greatly reduce the CO2 footprint of their home.

Solar water heating it the most efficient, cost-effective form of solar energy.

Solar water heating systems require minimal maintenance and boast a design life of 20+ years.

AET's solar water heating systems provide consistent water heating with some of the highest efficiencies in the industry.

There are multiple Federal and State tax incentive plans, even regional and local utility incentives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of solar water heating systems, but the drainback is the most efficient indirect system on the market; it prevents from freezing, and overheating.

A typical solar storage tank is larger than a conventional heater, because you can only harvest the sun during daylight hours. So by upsizing the storage tank, you can store the collected heat for night and early morning use. Our standard size for a standard 3 bedroom home is 80 gallons. We do have 120 gals available if you have a larger home and want to harvest as much of the sun as you can!

Yes, your contractor should give you a complete price; equipment and installation. A site visit is usually required to verify roof space and pipe runs. The entire pipe run to the collector on the roof from the solar storage tank is insulated copper pipe. The ideal location for the solar collector(s) is on the south facing roof with little to no shading from 8-4 if possible. 

A drainback system uses a controller with temperature sensors to monitor the performance of the solar hot water system. When the tank reaches a pre-set temperature limit, the pump turns off and the heat transfer fluid (usually water) drains out of the collector into the drainback reservoir. By removing the solar fluid from the collector, there is no danger of overheating.

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