Residential Systems

AET markets residential systems under the EagleSun™ brand providing solar thermal technologies since 1975 and installing more than 100,000 systems.


AET Residential Solar Solutions

Residential Solar Thermal Systems

Protect yourself against ever-rising energy costs by investing in a solar hot water heating system that you can own outright-never paying for hot water again.

EagleSun Solar Systems


Our systems provide hot water for domestic use, space heating and pre-heats to boilers. All our systems come with back up heating capabilities. Solar Water Heating Systems are very effective in residential applications.

Indirect Systems
Indirect Systems

Indirect systems allows the sun, through a roof-mounted collector, to heat fluid circulating in a closed off solar loop which never comes in direct contact with stored water.

Direct Systems
Direct Systems

Direct systems allow the sunls heat to be is transferred through the collector directly to the usable waterline. A pump circulates water from the bottom of a storage tank.


Benefits of Residential Solar

Sunlight can provide an endless supply of free energy for your hot water needs year-round. In fact, more solar energy hits the earth in one hour than all of humanity can consume in a year.

With immediate energy cost savings up to 38% and pay back periods in as little as 3 years, you can own a lifetime of free hot water. Plus, with AET's time-tested solar hot water systems exhibiting lifespans of 30-50 years, you'll recoup your investment and save thousands of dollars in hot water heating costs. Typical savings is approximately 9% per person in the home if currently using an electric water heater.

Eco Friendly

Solar thermal products are renewable AND recyclable. On average, domestic water heating accounts for over 30% of CO2 emissions from the typical American home. By installing a solar thermal heating system, the average family can not only save money, but greatly reduce the CO2 footprint of their home.


Solar thermal systems are cost effective due to using the sun to heat water, it makes it more efficient. Solar thermal can offset 50-95% of your water heating load, so you'll see a reduction in your electric bill up to as much as 38%, depending on how much hot water you use. Plus, because it's recyclable, your investment may be worth more after it's 30-50 year useful life than when you bought it initially.

Maintenance Free

Our maintenance free system lets you enjoy the benefits of solar thermal heating without worries of dangerous chemicals, overheating, freezing or failure-prone mechanical parts. AET's Drainback system is toxic free, using only water, in a proprietary technology that prevents freezing and overheating. Plus, a back-up heating source ensures you'll always have hot water.

Reliable & Durable

Our EagleSun™ solar thermal systems provide the highest quality, reliability and proven durability. With best in class technology, AET's solar systems provide consistent water heating with some of the highest efficiencies in the industry.

Incentives & Credits

There are multiple Federal and State tax incentive plans. Some local utility companies even provide incentives, essentially paying you to stop using their product. To see the latest incentives, visit

Efficient Products

Our Thermafin™ fintubes which heat the water in the collectors are the most efficient product on the market, and are backed by a 30-year guarantee, the longest in the business. Plus, we offer a 10-year warranty on our solar thermal collectors.

Let Alternate Energy Technologies (AET) help you go solar with our solar thermal collectors, storage tanks and systems brought to you by the name you can trust.