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Commerical Indirect Solar Water Heaters & Heating Systems

Indirect commercial solar water heaters and systems allow the sun, through a collector, to heat fluid circulating in a closed-off solar loop which never comes in direct contact with stored water.

All drain-back solar thermal systems have minimal maintenance with excellent reliability. By using gravity to drain when the pump shuts off, they protect from freezing and overheating with fewer system components. Non-pressurized systems eliminate failure-prone system components, but as an indirect system, the solar loop is protected from ever-changing water quality and aggressive water areas. Because the system is a closed loop, water, or a water and propylene glycol mix can be used as a safe and efficient heat transfer fluid.

Commercial Indirect Solar Water Heaters & Systems

Indirect Pressurized System Features

  • Accommodates climates where freezing weather occurs more frequently.
  • A Differential Control senses temperature differences between water leaving the collector and the coldest water in the bottom of the storage tank. When the temperature of the water in the collector is hotter than the water in the tank, the differential control operates the circulating pump.
  • A heat exchanger is located within the storage tank to maximize the heat transfer from the antifreeze solution to the coldest water in the storage tank.
  • A small photovoltaic solar panel option (which generates electricity from the sun) is available to operate the circulation pump, further reducing traditional energy consumption.  
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