Thermafin FinTube

Sku#: TFFT001 - Thermafin

Item Information

Efficient solar energy collection starts with high thermal conductivity between fin and tube inside of the solar collector. For lasting performance and durability, this fin-to-tube joint must be highly conductive and strong enough to endure the unrelenting torture of the sun's rays - which can cause other types of joints to weaken, expand and pull apart. The high frequency weld of our fintube insures high efficiency and unsurpassed strength. There are no solder or crimped-seam joints to weaken and fail. Thermafin components perform with the highest efficiency year after year.

The manufacturing process provides complete and permanent bonding of fin to tube. During production of Thermafin's patented absorber fins we use an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) welding process fusing the fins and tubes seamlessly together.

5 Year Guarantee on copper fintubes and absorber plates and 30 Year Guarantee on the EMF-weld.

Fin Material: Copper Sheet per ASTM B 152-current, Standard Specification for Copper Sheet, Strip, Plate and Rolled Bar. UNS No. C11000, ETP (electrolytic tough pitch), H02 (half-hard) temper, having a minimum tensile strength of 42.5 ksi.

Tube Material: Level-Wound Copper Tube per ASTM B 743-current, Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube in Coils. UNS No. 12200, DHP (Phosphorized, high residual phosphorus), H58 (drawn, general purpose) temper, full hard alloy.

EMF - Welding: Thermafin's exclusive high frequency forged weld process, utilizes no foreign materials in the weld process and allows for a true, seamless copper to copper connection.

Selective Surfacing: Thermafin's proprietary "Crystal Clear" selective surface coating. A single-phase nonocrystalline technology encapsulated with a permanent protective glass layer serving multiple functions, including anti- reflection, anti-corrosion, and manufacturing durability.

Optical Properties:   Absorptivity (a) = 0.96   Emissivity (e) = 0.08