Coated Copper Coil

Sku#: TFCC002 - Thermafin

Item Information

The Crystal Clear coating process is based on a proprietary single-phase nanocrystalline technology. This technology allows the nonocrystals to be in a face-centered orientation, thus creating optimum geometric matrices for short-wave light to be stored and long-wave light to be reflected. The product is fully encapsulated using a permanent, protective glass layer that acts as an anti-reflective, adds consistant durability for manufacturing and inhibits corrosion.

With the recent addition of a fiber optic spectrometer to the Crystal Clear manufacturing line, Thermafin is now able to monitor optical properties of the coating in real time. This additional control plays a crucial roll in assuring the customer consistent quality each and every time. In addition to the spectrometric analysis, all coated material is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment.