Thermafin Holding, LLC.

Originally founded in 1979, Thermafin is today owned and operated by AET. The manufacturing firm has the distinction of producing the world's finest and most efficient solar collection products. It's reputation for excellence is based on its exclusive, durable high frequency forge welding process and superior performance of it's proprietary Crystal Clear™ selective solar coating.


Manufacturer of Solar Collection Products

Thermafin™ Manufactured Products

Thermafin designed and introduced to the solar heating industry a complete new generation of high-frequency, forge welded fintubes for thermal absorbers which increased thermal and mechanical durability, conductivity and the overall efficiency of absorber plates.

Thermafin Fintubes

Thermafin Fintubes are designed to efficiently collect solar energy with high thermal conductivity between fin and tube inside of the solar collector.

Thermafin Coated Copper Coil
Coated Copper Coil

Thermafin Copper Coil is coated with the Crystal Clear™ coating process that is based on a proprietary single-phase nanocrystalline technology.

Thermafin Headers

Thermafin pre-drilled headers are produced from straight length copper tube per ASTM B 88-current, Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Water Tube.

Thermafin Absorber Plates
Absorber Plates

Thermafin absorbers are a combination of our forge welded fintubes and pre-drilled headers. This combination produces a strong and highly durable heat exchange device.


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