DBS Drainback System


Item Information

Drainback solar thermal systems are maintenance free with excellent reliability.  They protect from freezing and overheating with fewer system components.  Non pressurized systems eliminates failure prone system components.  The water can be used as a safe and efficient heat transfer fluid. 

The Drainback Series is an indirect system. It is referred to as “indirect” because the sun, through a roof-mounted collector, heats fluid circulating in a closed-off solar loop which never comes in direct contact with usable water stored in an insulated tank.  The heat exchanger wraps around the perimeter of the storage tank, heating the potable water in the tank.

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Assured Reliability
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Stainless Steel Drainback Reservoir
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • High Efficiency
  • Protects against Hard and Aggressive Water
  • Protects against overheating
  • Protects against freezing
  • No Anode Rod
  • Only one pump
  • Single wall heat exchanger for efficiency

Pre-Engineered DBS Drainback Systems

DB System Part Number Storage Tank Collector(s)
DBS-80-40 80 gallon one AE-40 Collectors
DBS-80-42 80 gallon two AE-21 Collectors
DBS-80-52 80 gallon two AE-26 Collectors
DBS-80-64 80 gallon two AE-32 Collectors
DBS-120-64 120 gallon two AE-32 Collectors
DBS-120-96 120 gallon three AE-32 Collectors

All Kits Contain:

Part Number Description
DB-10C 10 gallon Stainless Steel Reservoir
DTC-ES-1C Eagle Sun Differential Controller with 2 sensors
UP15-100F Grundfos Cast Iron High Head Pump
F-GF1526 3/4" NPT Cast Iron Flange Set
BD-75 3/4" Boiler Drain Valve
AE-FM Flush Mounting Kit

Suggested Components:

Part Number Description
TM-80SS-HE or TM-120SS-HE 316L Stainless Steel Tank with submerged Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
RF-50 or RF-75 Roof Flashing Set
MV-1170 3/4" FTP Mixing Valve
WH-TM24 Water Heater Timer