Solarizer Solar Hot Water Converter

Sku#: DX10-SLRSB

Item Information

The Solarizer is a solar hot water system that converters existing tanks.  It is pre-plumbed and insulated. It is pressure checked to 120 PSI and it comes with prewired pumps that plug into the controller.  The Sensor leads from the controller are prewired and have press connect terminalson with no stripping of the sensor wires is necessary.

  • Designed to integrate with AET solar thermal collectors.
  • One 4' x 8' AET collector can generate up to 35,500 Btu's per day!
  • With the Solarizer backup element you have hot water even with NO SUN.
  • The solar collector takes up less roof space for more energy generation.
  • Qualifies for solar energy incentives that can PAY UP TO 50% OF ENTIRE COST!

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