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Designing the environmentally friendly building has just gotten easier. With low profile collectors and high efficiency water heating, AET has the perfect solution for any eco-friendly project.
Regardless of the climate, our durable, reliable and affordable systems can heat ground water to 140 degrees and above in just hours.  Although many solar thermal systems can heat water, not all systems are alike. AET’s extensive line of products excel in the following areas:

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  • With proprietary Crystal Clear Selective coating and our high efficiency heat exchangers, no other system produces more hot water faster.


  • From the fins on the absorbers to the collectors and heat exchangers, we are proud to manufacturer all our own components.

  • All frames are made from high quality aluminum

  • The mounting are pre-designed to fit your exact application (from flat roofs, to tile roofs, to ground installations)

  • All products are designed for a 30-50 year design life


  • With our “set it and forget it” design, maintaining an effectively working system is simple and easy

  • Our flagship system, the indirect non-pressurized drain back system, uses only water, no toxic chemicals that need testing or changing.

  • With fewer points of failure, your client will benefit from a quality design

Overall Value

  • Although there may be cheaper units on the market, none can provide the quality, durability and reliability that AET guarantees with each of their systems. With some of the longest warrantees in the industry, choosing an AET solar system offers the highest value and quickest return on investment.

5 reasons Architects choose AET Solar Thermal Systems:

  • Best in industry technology. From the very beginning AET’s mission has been to own and develop the best thermal technology so that we heat more water faster than anyone else.

  • Safety. With only water, our systems never corrode or need ph testing. For families with children with is a huge sigh of relief. No dangerous, corrosive chemicals.

  • Maintenance-free. With very few moving parts, AET thermal systems require no additional maintenance, even during time of low water usage, like vacations or shut downs.

  • Durable. With few moving parts, AET systems have very few points of failure. This means less chance of having your entire system break down over a $3 part. Collectors are made of high grade 6063 aluminum and our heat exchanges are stainless steel.

  • Made in America. Choosing AET means you are choosing an all American Company that employs Americans and uses 100% American Technology. Choosing AET is not only good for the building it is good for the country.



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An AET Solar Hot Water System uses heat from the sun to provide a clean, renewable energy source that will supply comfortable, reliable, hot water... without the financial or environmental costs of traditional water heating.

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